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Royalbaby sings in new Samsung Commercial

Check out Samsung's New Official 'The Anthem' - Rio 2016 Olympic Games Tv Commercial, featuring Royalbaby at 1:03 minutes during the rodeo scene where RB is heard singing a few lines of "The Anthem" in Korean. The world's national anthems come together to form a song of international unity in Samsung's latest Olympics spot. From Leo Burnett Chicago and Leo Burnett Sydney, the new TV and digital spot does more than just promote the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. At a time when the world feels like a scary, fragile place, it focuses on bringing people together at one of the world's biggest events. "The Anthem" opens with a young girl holding the Samsung phone and singing the national anthem of Botswana while enjoying a beautiful view of the sea. Instead of continuing with the same anthem, the spot jumps to another country, another person and another song.

Check out "Swayze" Music Video here!

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