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About the Artist 

Charlie Kennedy is a singer/songwriter and guitar player living in Los Angeles, CA where she moved from Richmond, Virginia to pursue her film and music career. After her first year in CA studying at a private film school in Hollywood, she met her bandmates and became the singer of a national touring band, Forget Your Friends. She wanted to find an experimental band to find her sound in which she grew a passion for singing Pop music as well as rock.


Her first pop single was produced by Mia Koo and she created a music video for the release to combine her love for film and music. This helped land her first job at Human Music and Sound Design in Santa Monica, CA where she sang on commercial advertisements and met her music producer, who was her boss at the time. After working on several projects, they began recording "Tapestry;" the first track of the album which encouraged them to create this 6 track UrbanPop record. While working on the album, they released a track by the Human Label, "Swayze," for a Starbucks commercial and created a music video with a 42 crew member set and dance choreography to get the Royalbaby buzz out into the world. 

About the Album

Classic Rock, Alternative Rock, HipHop, R&B and 2000's Pop are the genre's that inspired Charlie to create a new sound. She wanted to hear what melodic and haunting vocals paired with 80's synth's and vintage keys would sound like together produced by a composer with the same music interests and see how far they could take it. The album creates an esoteric energy that will provoke an immersive live performance since her music incorporates live sounds, motions, and a platitude of emotions. 

Each track relays a different personal experience that she wanted to convey from the perspective of her alter-go, Royalbaby. Since the royal family named their first child Charlotte (Charlie) Elizabeth, she thought it would be coy to name herself, Royalbaby since they named their baby after both Charlie's full name and nick name. 

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